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 We recommend a minimum font size of 6 point font. Any font smaller than this will be extremely difficult to read once printed. Anything smaller than this will be printed at your own risk.
Standard printing resolution is 300DPI. The best way to check if your artwork or images are good quality or high resolution, is to zoom in very close and view your image at around 200% zoom. If your artwork is very pixelated and blurry, then it will appear this way when printed too. Always use the original high quality artwork and images when printing your designs. That being said, don’t assume that the resolution is sufficient if the settings are set to 300DPI. It may be the case that you have used images, logos or texts in your design that are originally from lower quality. To avoid this, we recommend you to use the original files and never use images or logos from the internet. The use of programs like Paint (pro) or Picasa ensures that files are converted to 72DPI, so you will have a haze around your logo or text. Once again, you can test this by zooming into 200% and checking the quality of your artwork or images.
You can get around this by simply leaving a 5mm space between your text and the edge of your artwork on every side of your artwork. If you have a background colour in your artwork, this can go right to the edge, but keep all important images and text at least 1cm away from every edge of your artwork. We can then fit your artwork to size.
 We will send you an email if your artwork does not pass our free artwork check. This is not meant to frustrate you, but to help you get the best final printed result possible. We want to help you get great prints, so that’s why you’ve received the email with a concern about your artwork. Please remember that we can still print your artwork, however this will be at your own risk, and it might not result in a great final product. If you don’t know what to do and our explanations aren’t helping, you can also find some tips online simply by searching in Google.
 We do our best to show your colours exactly how you want it, but there are a number of colours, where the risk of colour deviation/chromatic aberration is a lot higher than other colours. Especially in orange and purple-blue colours, there is a chance that the colour in the design does not exactly correspond to the colour of your printed material. These colours are hard to mix on a large printing press. In addition to this, a number of colours that look blue on your screen could print slightly purple if there is also Magenta used in the colour. We’re happy to give you advice to make sure your printing looks exactly as you intend it to.
 There are a number of programs with which you can achieve a perfect printed result and a number of programs that we believe that could also do the job. Basically we would prefer a PDF file generated from Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator. Please see our submission specifications for more information about formatting the files. We also understand that it is difficult to design your own artwork.
 Simply put, no. All spelling should always be checked prior to submitting your artwork to us, and a digital proof, or the lack of one cannot be blamed for problems in your artwork that should have been fixed before submitting your artwork to us. We expect that the artwork you upload to your order is the artwork you want to be printed.
While we don’t offer design services in-house, we can recommend you to external designers. Just ask us and we will happily recommend them to you. Please note that the design is your responsibility, so this process is completely at your risk and cost.


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